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  • April 7, 2020
  • About four million Americans are currently using a wide array of orthodontic services not only to improve their oral health, but to also resolve issues associated with teeth misalignment. While some people who suffer from crooked or crowded teeth still choose to get traditional metal braces, more and more adults and teens are opting for an easier alternative known as Invisalign to produce a great smile.


    How Does Invisalign Work?

    Invisalign is a relatively new corrective treatment that uses a computer-generated mold to create a series of clear plastic aligners to realign teeth that are set or growing incorrectly.


    The Benefits of Using Invisalign Treatment

    There are many benefits to consider when a patient uses the Invisalign aligners, including:

    • Precise. To come up with a comprehensive design, the computer software used to make up your Invisalign braces generates well-defined information by making real-time corrections directly on a 3-D model of your mouth. Additionally, you also get to see both the before and after photos of the aligners without even starting the treatment. A visual representation can be shown to have a look at your smile at every stage of the treatment process, including the final output itself.

    • Comfortable. Since your Invisalign are made from smooth and flexible plastic material, they are snug and extremely easy in your mouth. Unlike traditional braces, aligners don't have any wires or brackets that can trigger irritation to your lips or cheeks. You also don’t have to stress about hurting yourself when playing sports.

    • Convenient. Aligners are also easy to remove which enables you to keep your normal oral hygiene habits since you can take them out before brushing or flossing your teeth. Since you won’t have to maneuver around wires and brackets, cleaning will be simple and there won't be any food restrictions to worry about.

    • More Attractive. Invisalign are virtually invisible since they come in clear plastics that are molded to your teeth. This makes it one of the most important benefits for many patients. Since they are hardly noticeable, adults and teens alike can go on with their daily lives without feeling awkward about their orthodontics. You can also use whitening toothpaste with aligners so your lovely smile will not be hidden or limited by traditional braces, thus making you feel happier and more self-assured.

    • Fast and Easy. Invisalign braces are only worn for a week or two at a time before moving on to the next set. As mentioned, your aligners are made at the start of your treatment, so you will have a clear picture of how long the process will take and how many aligners you will be expected to wear. Unlike traditional braces, you won’t be required to make adjustments with this modern alternative. All you need is to simply proceed along with your series of aligners. However, to monitor your progress, you will still need to visit us for your regular appointments.


    The Drawbacks

    Unfortunately, using Invisalign also has a few disadvantages:

    • New. Invisalign was only introduced in the United States in 1999. It hasn’t been around as long as traditional braces and some patients prefer time-tested methods.

    • Restricted. Although aligners keep on evolving as a modern treatment, they currently seem to work best for people who have mild to moderate bite problems. Traditional braces, however, can treat severe cases of orthodontic issues.

    • Requires Strict Self-Discipline. For best results, you would have to wear your Invisalign braces for 22 hours every day. It is normal to be tempted to forgo wearing them for a few hours now and then during the day. However, that will only delay your progress. You don’t want to keep on adding aligners to carry on. Invisalign braces are also easy to lose since they are not made up of fixed orthodontic hardware like traditional braces.

    If you are interested in Invisalign and would like to see if you are a candidate, visit The Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry or call us at either our Destin, FL location at 850-810-0300 or our Panama City Beach offices in Florida at 850-810-0600.

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