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  • By The Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
  • December 31, 2019
  • Many of our patients come into our office because they are unhappy with the appearance of their smile. Since it is typically the teeth that are visible that get the most focus, seemingly small dental problems have a greater impact since your friends, coworkers, or family can see them. If you have been thinking about improving the look of your smile, consider calling The Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry today to see how we can help!


    Many of our patients already have a specific procedure in mind to help improve their smiles and we find that patients frequently come in considering veneers or crowns. While both of these approaches can help to improve your smile, there are some significant differences between the two that you should understand when weighing your options. Patients who know more about their desired treatment options usually see the results they want and are happier with the outcome.


    Understanding Veneers


    Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or other composite material that can be placed over the front surface of a tooth or multiple teeth. This approach can help to cover certain types of tooth damage such as discoloration and chipped or cracked teeth, as well as help reduce or eliminate the appearance of gaps between the teeth. When veneers are properly installed, they can also help to improve your smile line, which is an imaginary line that is drawn around the bottom surface of your teeth. The more symmetrical and smooth the line is, the better your smile appears.


    Crowns 101


    While crowns also help to improve the appearance of your smile, they go one step further in helping to protect your teeth. While a veneer simply covers the front surface of your teeth, crowns completely encase the exposed and visible portion of your tooth.


    This approach can help to completely block any potential infection that could enter through the surface of the tooth as well as cover any visible damage, such as cracks, chips, or an uneven smile line. Crowns are also frequently used after a root canal to help cover the tooth and stop any additional infection from being able to enter the tooth.


    Special Considerations


    The use of veneers and crowns both require some preparation to be done to the tooth beforehand. In the case of veneers, the front surface of the tooth must be slightly reduced in order to allow the veneers to sit on your teeth without projecting forward and making your teeth feel bulky.


    Once the surface of the tooth is removed, the veneer can be applied and shaped to give you the look that you want. Additionally, the adhesive used to apply the veneers contains a special dye that helps make the veneer color match your existing teeth.


    In contrast with the veneers, crowns require additional preparation. The crown will fit completely over the tooth, so the size of the whole tooth needs to be reduced slightly to allow for a proper fit that does not push or shift your adjacent teeth. Crowns can also be dyed the appropriate color to match your existing teeth, making your dental work almost invisible!


    Neither veneers nor crowns are permanent. Both options will require some maintenance or replacement over time. However, the experienced team at The Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry has the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to make your procedure a success!


    Making Your Selection


    While it can be a challenge to identify which approach is the best for you, our offices in Destin can help you make an informed decision. Call today to schedule your appointment and get the confident smile that you deserve. We are sure you’ll be happy with the results when you work with our talented team.

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