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Dr. Greg Stanley is a practicing dentist at our Destin office and will soon be practicing at our Navarre location! Originally from Pensacola, FL, Dr. Stanley found his love for dentistry after serving Northwest Florida as a historian and a teacher. Realizing his passion for “repairing things that are broken” he pursued an education at the University Of Louisville School Of Dentistry.

Following his education, Dr. Stanley dove straight into work starting with charity and community work. First, he helped patients with their smiles at Red Bird Clinic, Kentucky practicing cleanings, fillings, extractions, and routine dental care. Dr. Stanley also enjoyed teaching kids about the importance of oral health by volunteering at the Camp Oral Health Education elementary summer camp. Lastly, he became an Invisalign certified provider, member of the American Dental Association, and Academy of General Dentistry for continued education! When Dr. Stanley is not creating beautiful smiles he enjoys traveling, water sports, and cooking.

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