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You work with a lot of beauty conscious people. What is the word on the street about Dr. Lichorwic and the Centers for cosmetic and Family Dentistry?

All good things. I have heard people call their office expensive, but they always mention a great experience. My boss goes to them and is always pleased. I recommend them to a lot of my clients.
sam before
Sam Before
Prior to meeting Dr. Lichorwic, did any other dentist offer to help you with your smile and what did they suggest? Was your situation to complex for them?

Dr. Lichorwic was the first dentist I saw, not an orthodontist, that said he could fix my smile without pulling several main teeth and needing braces. Everyone else said invisalign wasn't for me, I would need metal braces for a few years. I did have a consult in Fort Walton Beach with a female dentist, I don't remember her name, when I was 18 and she referred me to an orthodontist. She told me dentistry would be the step after that, and that they couldn't fix my teeth. I'd had consultations as a teenager several times with orthodontists, but it never went forward because it was usually too expensive for my parents or they wanted to pull a lot of teeth to make room. Dr Lichorwic was the only dentist/orthodontist I had ever seen that told me " I can fix your smile, let's do invisalign". I really didn't believe it could be done.

There are a lot of other dentists in the area who advertise Cosmetic Dentistry. Why did you choose this office? Did you see anyone else for another opinion?

I chose Dr. Lichorwic's office because his office was one of my insurance company's preferred providers, initially. Once I met him and became confident that he was fully capable of transforming my smile, I never sought another opinion. Even after my insurance changed, I got another policy that would keep me in his office.

sam after
Sam After
Please try to explain for those who don’t understand, what it is like to live without being able to smile confidently and how that is different now. IS it just a pretty smile? Or does this run deeper?

When your smile is crooked, or "ugly", or basically anything but perfect, it changes the way you see yourself in a very negative way. It starts with not smiling with your teeth showing, which leads to not laughing too loudly so not too draw attention to your mouth. I even would find myself in situations where I had to explain that I wasn't "rude" or "cold" because I didn't smile very much. When you're that self conscious, you're overly aware of every little thing, and so therefore you're very critical of yourself. Even when I would force myself to let my guard down, "who cares if your teeth are crooked? Smile anyways", and I would smile or laugh loudly, people would comment on my teeth. Or I would catch them making fun of my teeth behind my back. That cut very deeply. When you are forcing yourself not to smile, you are essentially forcing yourself to not be happy. When I began my invisalign and my teeth got just a tiny bit straighter, I could feel my confidence building slowly. I wore a little bolder of a lip color, I wouldn't hold my hand by my mouth when I laughed or talked anymore.
beautiful woman
When Dr Lichorwic was all done with my treatment, I really was, and still am, a new person. Like anyone, I still have self doubt and moments that I criticize myself, but I know that will never go away completely. Unfortunately, it's the human condition. But now, when I'm feeling low, I smile big, I laugh out loud. Those are both things that instantly make you feel happy, feel better about yourself. Changing my smile has, in turn, changed my life completely. I am forever grateful for Dr. Lichorwic and his amazing staff at the Center for Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.

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